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Are you caught in a loop of stress and unique challenges that come with life in Chico, particularly around the campus of California State University, Chico? If your individual therapy journey hasn't led to the significant changes you're looking for, Bydand Therapy offers a new direction. We understand the distinct pressures experienced by students and faculty alike in Chico, from academic stress to the transitions and adjustments of university life. Our therapy is crafted to offer pragmatic solutions and support, customized just for you, with the goal of providing relief and fostering enduring change. We are dedicated to ensuring every voice is heard and every individual is supported, steering you towards a tailored path that resonates with your personal and academic aspirations.


"BYDAND," stemming from our founder's Scottish heritage, means “Abiding, Steadfast,” a motto that encapsulates our therapy's core ethos. It represents our dedication to standing firm in the face of life’s challenges, guiding our clients through their personal journeys of growth and healing with steadfast resolve and enduring support.


At Bydand Therapy, we're at the forefront of advancing mental health support in Chico, particularly for the students and faculty of California State University, Chico, through our innovative telehealth services. Our founder is a firm advocate for the transformative potential of virtual therapy, championing its effectiveness alongside the enhanced privacy and convenience it provides. In today's world, where digital solutions are becoming more embedded in our everyday routines, it's natural for some to question the efficacy of virtual therapy. Nevertheless, our telehealth offerings have repeatedly demonstrated their value as an efficient and accessible means of support, effectively closing the gap for individuals who might otherwise struggle to access traditional therapy services.

Why Choose Bydand for Therapy in Chico?

In Chico, CA, especially around the bustling environment of California State University, Chico, Bydand Therapy extends its specialized individual therapy services to college students and faculty grappling with the unique demands of academic life. Recognizing the intense pressures of coursework, research, and campus involvement, we offer focused support to alleviate anxiety, manage stress, and navigate the complex transitions that define the collegiate and academic journey. Our services are crafted to meet the distinct challenges faced by the university community, providing strategies for academic success alongside personal growth and emotional well-being.

Our approach is deeply personal and evidence-based, aiming to equip both students and faculty with the resilience and coping mechanisms needed to thrive under pressure. Whether it's tackling test anxiety, adjusting to new phases of academic or professional life, or finding a balance between work and personal time, Bydand Therapy is dedicated to fostering a supportive and empowering environment. We believe in the potential of every individual in the university setting to not only achieve their academic goals but also to lead a balanced and fulfilling life, underscored by mental and emotional health.

Practical Therapy for Real Results

At Bydand Therapy, we're excited to introduce our unique six-pillar process, specifically tailored for the Chico community, including students and faculty at California State University, Chico. Our approach is designed to help you overcome obstacles and navigate towards the life you envision. Our therapy sessions are grounded in practicality, focusing on actionable steps that translate into tangible results. We're committed to guiding you toward impactful outcomes, ensuring that each session moves you closer to achieving your personal aspirations.

A Different Kind of Individual Therapy Experience

We understand that traditional therapy might not meet the needs of everyone, especially within the diverse and dynamic environment of a university town like Chico. Ever left a therapy session feeling uplifted, only to find yourself reverting to old patterns? Our individual therapy services for the Chico area aim to shift this experience. With a proactive approach, we offer not just understanding but also concrete solutions and solid support to foster real change in your life.

Your Journey to Empowerment Starts Here

Genuine transformation goes beyond simple dialogue; it requires a commitment to a process that is both rooted in science and wrapped in empathy. Our therapy model goes beyond just managing symptoms—it's about empowering you to actively shape your future and pursue your dreams with confidence. At Bydand Therapy, our therapists partner with you, providing a supportive space for deep exploration, growth, and significant transformation.

Designed with the Chico community in mind, our method addresses the specific challenges faced by those in an academic setting, as well as the broader community. Whether you're dealing with the stress of academia, transitioning phases of life, or simply striving for personal growth, Bydand Therapy is here to support your journey towards empowerment, every step of the way.

Our Specialized Services

At Bydand Therapy, for community members of Bakersfield, CA, we offer a wide range of specialized services tailored to meet your unique needs:

Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you're in search of a therapy experience that combines real understanding with actionable outcomes, Bydand Therapy is here for you. We welcome the Chico, CA community, especially students and faculty from California State University, Chico, to connect with us. Our therapists are available for a no-pressure, 15-minute conversation to talk about what you're going through and discover ways we can aid in your journey towards healing and personal development. Skip the quick fixes—opt for Bydand Therapy for a route to lasting transformation and empowerment.

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