Politics in Therapy

Navigating the intricate paths of politics in therapy can be a challenge. There’s a mixed bag of approaches among therapists: some sidestep the topic, while others have a subtle—or sometimes even direct—way of guiding clients towards their own political leanings, believing such direction aligns with the client’s best interests. Witnessing and hearing such practices is disheartening, as they seem to compromise the essential foundation of trust intrinsic to the therapeutic relationship.

Here at Bydand, a space is cultivated where every issue, including politics, that affects your peace of mind is welcome for exploration and understanding. Recognizing that political beliefs are intertwined with one’s identity, these convictions are handled with utmost respect and openness, whether the focus is on individual or relationship guidance. Helping with your overall well-being and enriching the quality of relationships remain at the forefront of our mission.

Choosing to include politics in our dialogues will be greeted with openness and empathetic engagement at Bydand. You will be in-charge here. Together, we will navigate through the influences of your political convictions on your personal well-being, in a supportive and judgement-free atmosphere. Our discussions might traverse various aspects, such as your interaction with social media, the amount of time devoted to news, and your choice of information outlets. Ultimately, it is up to you.

Bydand is devoted to creating a therapeutic space that resonates with your needs and preferences (i.e., Person-centered-care), ensuring a journey marked by compassion and understanding, irrespective of whether politics becomes a part of our conversations or not.

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